About us

Marcess offers consulting, strategy, and implementation of projects in corporate development and marketing as well as interim management (CMO).

The person behind Marcess is Danielle Rietsch, an expert for international marketing in tech companies for 20 years. She has already helped building up several start-ups and supported established medium-sized companies in their worldwide growth. As a generalist, she is a master of strategic and operational marketing.

In addition to her own expertise, Marcess operates in an international network of relevant experts from a wide range of fields (opinion leaders, experts, agencies, etc.) who will support you in the implementation of your concerns.

The company name is made up of Marketing and Success and this combination is the program. After all, marketing is one of the decisive factors for success alongside product development or the services offered by a company. As the interface of every organization, all departments come together here.

The Marcess range of services is modularly structured to meet your individual needs. You can choose between consulting, analysis, conception and strategic planning and practical implementation in the areas of marketing, organization, and change management. We will be happy to make you a suitable offer.

We are looking forward to your email at info@marcess.com.