Corporate Development

Marcess is an expert in corporate development. Below we have listed the individual competences. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us ( We look forward to your message and would like to support you in your project.

Corporate Development & Marketing

Every company goes through countless stages of development. Each of them creates new opportunities and risks. The decisions that are made during this critical period have a significant impact on the future of your business.

Marcess supports you in these stages for your sustainable success. We look ahead, set the course and lead you in the right direction. The right marketing strategy is essential.

  • How do you position yourself?
  • Do you have the right image?
  • What do you need to pay attention to as you grow?
  • Is your product/service still competitive?
  • How do you conquer new market shares and how do you stay ahead?

We would like to support you in all these questions and upcoming challenges.

In addition, we help you select the right spokesperson in your company, create their image and make them popular.

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Change Management

Successful companies are growing continuously and at their own pace. While doing so, their leadership team always has to watch the company’s structure. Processes also need to be controlled and optimized on a regular basis.

This also applies to your managers. Do they all know the goals and vision of the company? Can you communicate them?

All of these topics are much easier to evaluate from the outside because this allows a neutral, objective view of things. This leads to faster development of solutions.

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Internal Communication

One of the most important topics is internal communication. No matter how big the company is, this issue is almost always neglected, which has disastrous, and often very costly consequences. Internal communication serves the motivation and loyalty of your employees on all hierarchical levels.

Marcess examines the atmosphere in your company, detects trouble spots and develops solutions. Even if everything is currently running smoothly, you should keep an eye on this topic. Get your employees on board in good time, before significant changes in the company happen, and have the appropriate communications strategy in place for them.

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Digital Transformation

It seems to be a neverending story: Once you set up your digital services there are constantly new requirements from your customers. The digital wheel keeps turning.

As long as meet your customers’ needs you generate revenue. If you are facing too many drop outs it’s time to check your onboarding process. Marcess analysis your entire customer journey and helps you to improve it.

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